Marquis Jaquavious Cain born July 9th 1996 better known by his stage name FASHION The Rapper, is an American HipHop/Rap recording artist from Atlanta GA.

FASHION The Rapper is one of those rare talents who discovered a natural talent at an early age. The Atlanta rapper can point specifically to sixth grade when he and some friends would write lyrics in class so that they could participate in rap battles in the cafeteria at lunch. FASHION became one of the standout rappers of the school. He also would rap after school for friends at the local Boys and Girls Club. One day, the director of the Boys and Girls Club took the children to a live viewing of the Monique Show. It was at this show that FASHION had a flash of inspiration. Before the show, she asked if there were any rappers in the audience. Everybody at the Boys and Girls Club knew he could rap so he immediately got nervous because he knew they were going to point to him. Just like expected, they did. He got on stage in front of all those people. His heart was beating like crazy. When he went on stage, the reaction was crazy. He never felt anything like it. It made him feel good. At that point, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Today, FASHION The Rapper is one of the hottest up-and-coming Atlanta hip-hop artists on the West Coast. Since then, he’s collaborated with Too Short, Jayo Felony, Dizzy Wright, Mitchy Slick, Jarren Benton, and more. He’s always working on new material… Stay tuned!

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